F2F Class Notes (Alex)


review the words from the previous class

review 复习

It’s very late but I’m still awake

previous = the one before

e.g. the previous time, the previous meeting, the previous appointment

My cat often disturbs me when I’m sleeping at night

I don’t want to disturb you but I need your help


打八折 20 percent discount 

打七折 30 percent discount 

credit card

e.g.  I forgot the password of my credit card, so I can’t pay by credit card

cash 现金

Professional conversation:

_ Can I help you?

_ Yes, I want to buy a bag for my girlfriend

_ What’s your friend like? What kind of bag does she like?

_ I don’t know, small bags. Like a purse.

_ Here are all the purses. You can take a look.

_ Alright. I like that one, do you have it in other colors?

_ No, we just have this color.

_ Okay, how much is it?

_ There is a 20 percent discount on every bag.  So this bag is 80RMB.

_ Okay I’ll take it. Do you take credit cards?

_ No sorry, you can pay by cash or by wechat.


I hate mosquitoes bite me – I hate when mosquitoes bite me

I love people buy me gifts – I love when people buy me gifts / I love that people buy me gifts