F2F Class Notes (Alex)


the place can hold 1000 people

people were wearing costumes = funny outfits, funny clothes

eg: I was wearing a scary costume for Halloween

ice skating 

eg: my daughter learned ice skating before

My daughter is four and a half years old

It’s half past four in the afternoon

incredible = extraordinary = amazing 

selfie – a photo of yourself

smoothie = a fruity drink

eg: a mango smoothie

ruins = what is left of a very old, broken building

eg: the ruins of Xi’an’s city walls

practice – tell me about the last time you went traveling 

I went to Cambodia last year. I was not very interested in Cambodia but our company chose the place. When I went to Cambodia I thought that their history is really amazing. We went there about 5 days. The first day we were all interested in the different ruins, but the next day I thought the ruins looked like very similar. Too many people went there, so we couldn’t take a photo very well. And I thought the food in Cambodia is very cheap but nice. I liked the smoothies, which you could get on the streets. I liked the street food but some of my colleagues had a stomachache. Our group had sixty people and about twenty people felt not very well when they ate the food. So if you want to try the street food you should be very healthy and have a strong stomach.

The life in Cambodia is not very interesting, because the shops will be closed at about 7 o’clock and there are not many shops on the streets so you can only stay in the hotel and look photos. The last day we went to a famous spot. Some people live on the sea. These people come from another country and they went to Cambodia but the government didn’t admit them to go to the land so they had to stay in the sea. If you go to Cambodia you must go to this place because this is a famous spot in Cambodia.

(correction unfinished)


choose / chose / chosen

feel / felt / felt 

went to there – went there 

go to there – go there

I think in my opinion – “I think” …. or “In my opinion”

the ruins looked like very similar – the ruins looked very similar 

look + like + noun

eg: this boy looks like a girl

look + adjective

eg: this boy looks pretty