1. Read book/article, highlight new words, make sentences. Point the student to vocabulary section on SE@Home on their Student Account page.
  2. Upgrade vocabulary from recent speaking/writing – Go through some writing that the student has done at SE, copy the corrected version, remove the bolding / formatting. Spend time upgrading all of the vocabulary, sentences, expressions etc to a higher level. Teach the student the meaning and give example sentences in the same way that you normally would for new vocabulary etc.
  3. Do a 3 step class – free talk and teach as much vocabulary as you can for step 1.


  1. Story telling correction – Ask student to tell you a story, write it word for word, correct it together focusing on grammar. Ask student to tell you story again focusing on the grammar mistakes they made the first time.
  2. Review old writing or speaking exercise from old notes by not allowing student to see the notes and reading their writing sentence by sentence, asking the student to tell you the corrected version. It’s ok if their version is not the same but just ensure it’s correct.


  1. Let student read a book/article, focus on speaking slowly, opening mouth, pronouncing words clearly. Write corrections. Point the student to reading section on SE@Home on their Student Account page.
  2. Have a conversation with the student about a specific topic and correct them directly on their pronunciation.
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