F2F Class Notes (Joe)


You must practice using ‘I like to + verb’ and ‘I like + verb + ing’. This is a very commonly used phrase and it will be very useful for you. Practice making sentences to talk about what you like to do.


I like his draw
I like his drawings

it’s different than another painting
it’s different from other paintings

3 hours on plane
It takes 3 hours by plane

I like go out
I like going out / I like to go out


paintings – art made using paint

drawings – art made using pens or pencils

relative – someone who is your family

Spain – noun (I want to go to Spain)

Spanish – adj (Spanish people are friendly)

another – used with one (I want another cup)

other – used with more than one (I want more children)


paintings (payn tings) (make sure the /ay/ sound in ‘pain’ is clear