VIP Class Notes (Joe)


You must practice using ‘it will take + time’ in different examples to help you remember this structure easily. Think of at least 5 examples from your life and write down how much time they will take to complete. Make sure you use the full sentence structure we practiced in class.


Priority – pry yo ri tee

Folks – foks

Focus – fo kis (don’t forget the vowel sound in the second syllable)

Focuses – fo ki siz

Foxes – fok siz


Short time – (used as noun) – I can do it for a short time

Short term – (used as adj phrase) – It’s a short term project


I hand over a new project
I took over a new project

All of my team focus on this project all the time
All of my team members focus on this project all the time

It’s not a short time project
It’s not a short term project

We should take 1 or 3 years to continue it
It will take us 1 to 3 years to finish it
The project will continue for 1 to 3 years

We will do it part by part
We will do it bit by bit
We will do it in parts

I want to use this project to make my ability increase a high level
I want to use this project to improve my ability
I want to use this project to raise my level

My judgement standard is about challenge
I judge something as interesting if it’s a challenge