Demo Class Notes (Elena F – Jesse)

Elena F

– 7-8 years old, grade 2, needs to learn how to build sentences. Knows some very simple words but if she hasn’t learned it she won’t open her mouth to ask the meaning or how to say it so she needs to learn these basic skills. Mr Bean is OK for some short sentences but vocabulary isn’t high enough yet. 

Listening: 1.25
Speaking: 0.5
Pronunciation: 1.5
Writing: 0.5
1 year

推荐课程(每周)/ Your Recommended Course (Weekly)

F2F: 2

Writing: 1-2

Thank you for coming to meet us Elena & Mumma! It was really lovely meeting you. If you have any questions about the notes or anything, please just ask us. 🙂
Jesse & Judy

what did you do today?

I wake up 9 o’clock and I eat breakfast

what time did you eat breakfast?

what is your favourite color?
my favourite color is pink

when? shenme shi hou
eg. when do you go to school? I go to school Monday to Friday
where? = zai na li
why? = wei shenme?
how? = zenme?
which? = na yi ge

How are you? = ni zenme yang
How is the weather?
How is the lion? =
How was the congee?

She knows most of these

I wear 1 jacket / I wear a jacket
I put on a jacket in the morning
I take off a jacket in the night / at night / in the evening

eg. the spoon is not sharp
eg. the knife is very sharp

congee – zhou


he watch TV and eat popcorn and toy bear. i see a bad people and a girl. they are on TV. He is happy because TV is funny.

what did you eat? I eat congee and it is very good.

At 7 o’clock I brush my teeth and then I wash my face in the bathroom.

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