Demo Class Notes (Sally – Jesse)


I got up at 7 o’clock and do something myself brush teeth, wash my face, i left my home about 15 to 8, because i went to work. my work start from half past 8 to half past 5 (17). I start my computer first and sit down, drink coffee. I just drink coffee like some drinkings i don’t like water all time. First for dinner i want to have my dinner then i will go home.

I got up / woke up / got out of bed at 7 o’clock / 7 AM / 7 in the morning / 7 and did something for myself / did some of my own things just like brushing teeth, washing my face / getting ready for going out / for work. i left (my) home at about 15 to 8 / a quarter to 8, because / since / as / due to the fact that i wanted to / needed to (go to) work. My work starts from half past 8 and goes to / and finishes at half past 5. I started / turned on my computer first and sat down and drank coffee. I just drink coffee as a drink / just to drink something because i don’t like to drink water all the time. Then I will leave here for my dinner. And after my dinner i will go home.


verb – what time? 
nouns – which one? how many?
I have a cup
I have the cups
I like coffee
I liked the coffee

I love watching TV shows because it is interesting for me due to the fact that it can relax me in the evening when my kids go to sleep which is really important for me because …

because / and / but / so / when / if / which ….

You come here as my student and customer
I act as your teacher and friend

drink / drank / drunk
I drink every day
I drank yesterday
I have drunk many times – yi jing he le
I am drunk – he zui le

I learn English because I want to improve myself
I learned English because I wanted to improve myself

I like dancing / I like coffee
Dancing is very interesting
Coffee is really good


because of = due to
eg. I was late due to the rain.
because = due to the fact that 
eg. I was late due to the fact that, it was raining.

turn on < > turn off
eg. I turned on my computer / I turn on the light
start < > finish / stop
eg. I start the car / I start the meeting
open < > close
eg. i open the door

lose weight – jian fei
eg. I am trying to lose weight right now

i’m on a diet – control what you eat
keep fit – eat healthy and exercise
eg. I’m on a diet at the moment because I’m trying to keep fit and I want to lose weight