Demo Class Notes (Hebe – Jesse)


I wake up in 10 o’clock AM and I haven’t eat breakfast, and I eat lunch at 12 o’clock, and I eat my dinner just now. I have a meeting and I’m communicate with my college or my client. I spend a lot of time to have a meeting and with my college.

I woke / got up at 10 o’clock / AM / in the morning and I didn’t eat / have breakfast (because I didn’t have a lot of time / I was short on time), and I ate lunch at 12 o’clock / midday (with my colleague), and I ate my dinner just now / I just had my dinner. I had a meeting (for a long time meeting) and I communicated / talked / had a chat / spoke with my colleague / coworker or my client / customer. I spent a lot of time to have a meeting and with my colleague. (and then I came here to study English)


co = together
cooperate – he zuo
coworker – tong shi

midday = 12PM – lunch time
midnight = 12AM – night

get off – finish work – xia ban
get up – qi lai

client / customer – ke hu


I ate breakfast < > I didn’t eat breakfast – past / time is important
I have eaten breakfast < > I haven’t eaten breakfast – past / time is not important
I eat breakfast < > I don’t eat breakfast – no time / often / sometimes

at – time
on – day
in – period (yi duan shi jian / long time – month / year)


colleague – tong shi – col leeg 
college – da xue – col lij

plan / plane – plaaeeeen

i want the thing
i want to sit