Demo Class Notes (Elena V / Jesse)

Elena V

– travel + talking, administration assistant in HR, Spanish 


today i wake up at 7:40, I take a shower and then I had a breakfast and then I go to university start class at 9:25 and finish class at 12:10. Then come back home. I have lunch, and relax some time at 2:45 I come here.

today i woke up at 7:40. I took a shower and then I had a breakfast and then I went to university and started class at 9:25 and finished class at 12:10. Then went back home. I had lunch, and relaxed for some time and at 2:45 I came here.

vocabulary, pronunciation, connection grammar, tense.


I had class for 5 hours
I had class at 5

+ a time
for + how long
eg. I had class today at 3pm for 1 hour.

go / come
there / here
eg. go there / come here

do / did / have done / am doing / will do
wake / woke / have woken / am waking / will wake
take / took / have taken / am taking / will take
have / had / have had / am having / will have
go / went / have been / am going / will go
eat / ate / have eaten / am eating / will eat
relax / relaxed / have relaxed / am relaxing / will relax
come / came / have come / am coming / will come