Demo Class Notes (Liu Cong – Jesse)

Liu Cong

work, communication, will go to UK in 6-12 months, feels like she can’t talk. Has 3 months + needs profile update every 6 weeks. Needs a name starting with S. Current issues: grammar – past tense + chinglish sentences, vocabulary.

Listening: 2.75
Speaking: 1.75
Pronunciation: 1.75
Writing: 2
1 year

推荐课程(每周)/ Your Recommended Course (Weekly)

F2F: 2

Email: 2


SPEAKING: remember past tense and try to focus on AEIOU pronunciation
WRITING: use the words from class and focus on grammar you’ve learned

Thank you for coming to meet us Liu Cong! It was really lovely meeting you. If you have any questions about the notes or anything, please just ask us. 🙂
Jesse & Judy


I go to Thailand with my mom, my daddy, my child my boy, my husband, we go to an island, and sleeping and playing the water, walk the beach, and eat seafood. It’s slowly, the people’s life is slowly, and I like it.

I wake up at 9 o’clock and I’m not living in Sh, I’m here to study and my friends come here and we’re cooking together. This is the first time we’re in our kitchen cooking, so we have try and we are cooking 4 food and it’s so delicious. After that I washing the bowl.  And when I go out and in here shopping and the time is nearly 4 o’clock so I come here to study English.

I went / took a holiday / took a tip / went on vacation to Thailand with my mom / mother, my dad, my child / kid who is a boy, and my husband. We went to an island, and slept and played / had fun in the water, walked on the beach, and ate / enjoyed / had seafood. The time in Thailand went really slowly, and the people’s lives are slow / the pace of living is slow, and I like it / I had a lot of fun / I really enjoyed it / I was really into it.

I woke up at 9 o’clock and I’m not living in Sh, because / but I came here to study and my friends came here and we cooked together. This was the first time we cooked in our kitchen, so we tried and we cooked 4 dishes and they were so delicious. After that I washed the dishes / did the dishes. And we went out and shopped in jingan temple and when it was nearly 4 o’clock I came here to study English.


what? sorry? / pardon? / what did you say? / what was that? 


name – naaaeeeeem


I run fast / quickly – adv 
I am
fast / quick – adj

go – no time
went – past, you know the time
have been – past, the time is not important 
will go
– future
am going –

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