Demo Class Notes (Sandy – Jesse)


– works at Coach, meetings in English with French and US, emails regularly, no time to practice these days, expressing self is OK, wants to basically be native, ppts are OK and quite common, area manager of business, customer service of 13 Coach stores. 

Listening: 3.5
Speaking: 2.5
Pronunciation: 2.75
Writing: 3
1 year

推荐课程(每周)/ Your Recommended Course (Weekly)

F2F: 2

Writing: 2


SPEAKING: slow down and try to correct your simple grammar mistakes & think of higher level vocabulary for simple things
WRITING: use the vocabulary from class in some writing about work

Thank you for coming to meet us Sandy! It was really lovely meeting you. If you have any questions about the notes or anything, please just ask us. 🙂
Jesse & Judy

follow up –

mind – “mint”

adding sounds to the end of words

i’m so impressive in taiwan experience

last week we visit taiwan, because we always go to taiwan because we have a meeting to communicate with area manager about how to maximise the mans business. so communicate with them how they do and what’s the customer service. so we have a meeting about this and after the meeting we go to store visit, we to see how the customer service and how the management level and we communicate with the manager level to know the business the situation and the customer is different from china and we learn each other.

last week we visitedtraveled / took a trip / went on business to taiwan, because / due to the fact that / since / as we always go to taiwan, because we had a meeting to communicate with / we met with / we discussed maximising…. with area managers about / regarding / on the subject of / on how to maximise the men’s business. so we communicated with / sat down with / heard from them about how they do it and what is the customer service like / how their customer service runs / operates. so we had a meeting about this and after the meeting / afterwards we went to visit stores. we wanted to see / we were keen on seeing / we were interested in seeing how the customer service behaves / is like and how is the management level / how the management process works / how to coordinate the managers and customer service staff and we communicated with the area managers to get to know / learn about the business and the situation and we looked at / looked into / analysed the customer profiles and found that they different from china and we learned from each other.

so we communicated with them about how they do it and what is the customer service like = we learned about they maximise their mens business and run their customer service. 


n d

l t


the girl is good



name – nay m



verb – what time?
noun – which one? how many?


due to = because of
because = due to the fact that / as / since

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