Demo Class Notes (Nia – Jesse)



I go there with my best friend, we walking along the sea and eating. There are many restaurant (pr) along the sea. The air is comfortable, because the sea, the air is wet.

I get up at 8 o’clock and having breakfast, study my major, then I come here. I have lunch at jingan si subway in macdonalds for 1 hour.

I went / traveled / took a trip / went on holidays there with my best friend / a friend of mine, we walked along the sea / beach and ate seafood / had seafood and drinks. There were many restaurants along the sea / on the beach / on the coast. The air was comfortable / pleasant / lovely, because / since / as / due to the fact that the air comes from the sea so it’s wet. 

I got up at 8 o’clock and had breakfast, studied for an accounting test (which was my major at university), then I came here to study English. I had lunch at jingan temple subway in / at mcdonalds for 1 hour.


plane = playyyyn
play = plaayyyy

restaurants – rest tronts / res tor ronts


profession (n) – job
professional (adj) – feeling / describes you
major (n) – university

go – went
eat – ate
drink – drank
walk – walked
work – worked
dance – danced
think – thought