Demo Class Notes (Evelyn Z – Jesse)


I get up at 9 o’clock and eat noodle and milk and make up and wash my clothes and eat breakfast and talk with my friend and to there. Maybe I find my friends to eat lunch.

When i was a child to cheng huang miao. With my family to eat some xiao chi and buy clothes and go to nanjing road.

I got up / woke up / got out of bed at 9 o’clock / AM / in the morning and ate noodles and drank milk and put make up on / did my makeup and washed my clothes / did my laundry and ate breakfast and talked / spoke / chatted / communicated with my friends and came here. Maybe I will find / meet / hang out with my friends to eat lunch.

When i was a child, I went to cheng huang temple. I ate some snacks with my family and bought clothes and went to nanjing road.


what means – what does that mean?


girla / girl


plane = plaayyyyyn

how = aaaaoooo

think – thought
buy – bought 


clothes – don’t say cloe thezzz, just say “cloeeeths”


I had / have breakfast

drink / drank / have drunk
go / went / have been 

go = no time / always / sometimes
went = past – you know the time / time is important
have been = past / you don’t know the time / the time is not important
will go = future
am going = now

walk – walked