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Class focus: improving grammar, & american pronunciation are both important. Biggest issues now are: verbs / nouns / adjective confusion, and grammar.

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  • VIP Class Notes (Nemo)

    September 7, 2019


    There is a break of ten minutes between classes.
    The office is closed for lunch between 12.30 and 1.30.

    The museum is open from 9.30am to 6.00pm Tuesday to Sunday.

    take place-to happen
    The concert takes place next Thursday.

    lunch break will last for 90 minutes

    all hands on deck-meaning, everyone must be present
    Between 3 and 3:30Pm, all hands on deck!

    15:05- three O five

    now lets move on to the VOX party

    schedule (名词/动词)-scheduled for (V)

    The party opening is scheduled for 8PM
    The meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

    timetable (n):a detailed plan showing when events or activities will happen
    E.g.: The timetable for our trip to Paris includes visits to Notre-Dame and the Louvre.
    E.g.: Here is the timetable of events for the day.

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  • VIP Class Notes (Raph)[W]

    September 7, 2019

    Today we focused on:

    We talked about an upcoming presentation she’s doing in Singapore next week, and reviewed her PPT.


    Among (prep): 1- happening or being included as part of a group of people or things.
    E.g.: The decision has caused a lot of anger among women
    E.g.: Relax, you’re amongst friends.
    E.g.: Talk about it among yourselves (= talk to each other about it without me) for a while.
    E.g.: She has worked as an estate agent among other things (= as well as other things).

    So-called (adj): 1- used to introduce a new word or phrase that is not yet known by many people. 2- used to show that you think a word that is used to describe someone or something is not suitable or not correct.
    E.g.: It isn’t yet clear how dangerous these so-called “super-rats” are.
    E.g.: It was one of his so-called friends who supplied him with the drugs that killed him.

    Pick (v): 1- to choose, to take some things and leave others:
    E.g.: Pick a card from the pack.
    E.g.: One of my sisters has been picked for the Olympic team.
    E.g.: She was picked to play for the team.

    Pick up (v): 1- to get or bring someone or something from somewhere:
    E.g.: Whose turn is it to pick up the kids from school?
    E.g.: A truck picks up the recycling once a week.



    Compared to the past, with the development of sneaker culture. Not only had we to seeding the celebrities and influencers as usual,  but also plan to approach the sneaker heads. In China, the young consumers are pay close attention to the sneaker culture and street culture.  Sneaker has become a very important role of the daily mix &match. It’s very interesting that more and more young people who will pick up which sneaker they wear today first, then to pick up the suitable clothes to styling with their shoes. As for Levi’s, we should to educate youngers that to choose right jeans as same important as a pair of favored shoes.


    With the development of sneaker culture, we cannot continue doing seeding actions only with celebrities and influencers, like we did in the past. Nowadays we also need to approach the so-called “sneaker heads”. In China, the young consumers pay close attention to sneaker and street culture.  Sneakers have become a very important element of the daily fashion mix & match. Lots young people even pick the sneakers before pick the rest of the outfit. As for Levi’s, we should to teach young consumers that choosing the right pair of jeans is just as important as choosing the right pair of shoes.

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  • Demo Class Notes (Chris T – Jesse)

    August 29, 2019


    in my memory i just with our team go to japan to team building and they go to fuji rock, and another team go to disney. I just buy a lot of some gift for my friends and have some game. I remember we have a house, the house is entertainment celebrity and influencers in japan and they can do some customisation … because we will have a house in china maybe next year.

    im wake up at 8 AM and I go to the my office and have a lot of meeting, specially for the Nike launch PR crisis. After meeting to reply some email and discussion some direction with my team and I have a business lunch with a media for hour.

    in my memory / from what I remember / as far as I remember i went with our team to japan for a team building and they went to / visited / traveled to fuji rock / mountain, and another / the other team went to disney land. I just bought / purchased / got a lot of / some / a large number of gifts for my friends and played some games / went on some rides. I remember we had a house which entertains celebrities and influencers in japan and they can do / they had / they were able to / they have the ability to some customisation (experience) … because / since / as / due to the fact that we will have a house in china maybe next year.

    i woke up at 8 AM and I went to my office and had a lot of meetings, especially for the Nike launch PR crisis. After meeting I replied some emails and discussed some direction with my team and I had a business lunch with a media outlet / magazine for 1 hour.


    because of / due to + noun
    eg. I was late due to bad traffic
    because / due to the fact that + sentence 
    eg. I was late due to the fact that the traffic was bad

    verbs (which time?) + nouns (which one? how many?)

    I like coffee = anytime / time is not important
    I liked coffee = past / specific time
    I will like coffee….

    I have a friend
    yesterday I had a friend

    to + verb
    for + noun


    sss – sometimes outside – needs to be inside 
    th – outside

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