VIP Class Notes (Joe)


Practice the pronunciation of the words ‘work’ and ‘walk’. Try practicing with the sentence ‘The jerk walks and talks with the clerk at work’.


Work – same sound in clerk  – the clerk works with a jerk

Walk – same sound in talk – I walk and talk


Mild tempered – My husband is mild tempered

Score (verb) – If you score enough points, you can apply.

First choice / second choice – You can apply to your first and second choice schools

Post grad / undergrad – I didn’t like being an undergrad student but I loved being a post grad.

Depression (noun) – I don’t have depression

Depressed (adj) – I felt a little depressed

Basement level – The restaurants are on the basement level

Lower basement level – You can park your car in the lower basement level

Once-in-a- lifetime experiences – Meeting the native people was a once-in-a-lifetime experience


It should take 2 and a half hours flight
It takes 2 and half hours by airplane / plane
It’s a 2 and a half hour flight

I have been to Shanghai for 10 years
I have been in Shanghai for 10 years

The wuhan people’s temper hot
Wuhanese people are hot tempered

If your score arrived at a certain level you can apply at some school
If you score a certain amount of points you can apply at some schools

You can choose first priority school and second priority school
You can apply to your first and second choice of schools

I choose UoS I fail to apply that
I chose UoS but I wasn’t accepted

When I’m undergraduate student I don’t think I have a very pleasant memory
I don’t have pleasant memories of when I was an undergraduate student

I don’t apply the university I want to
I didn’t get accepted by the university I wanted to go to

I became a little upset and depression at that time
I became a little upset and depressed at that time

I focus on another application for graduate student
I focused on another application for graduate school

I felt sad about I wasn’t accepted
I felt sad because I wasn’t accepted
I felt sad about not being accepted

Do you have a place to recommend to me that I can go to once in my life?
Could you recommend any once-in-a-lifetime experiences to me?

You will see two separate direction
You will come to a fork in the road

Where you take the university?
Where did you go to university?