3 month review 27th February (Jesse)

I’ve been booked your lesson –

I’ve been to Australia – in the past, i go
I drank the coffee / The coffee has been drunk by me

Jason has booked Jesse – Jesse has been booked (by Jason)
Hey Jesse, I have booked your class.
Hey Jesse, your classes have been booked, so I can’t book you.

Jason has booked Jesse – My point is just any time in the past
Jason booked Jesse – My point is the time that I did it. (a specific time in the past)

Have you been to Australia?
Yes I have been to Australia
When did you go?
I went there last year.

The dog ate the food – active 
The food has been eaten (by the dog) – passive

It depends what your point is

listening: 2.5
speaking: 1.75
reading 1.5
writing: 2.0

speaking / writing focus: do stories on simple topics, don’t look up any words in the dictionary.
Occupation: sales manager in a petroleum company