2 F2F Class Notes (Ally)[R]

Next Class Focus

go over vocab again next class!


Make sure you know all the vocab!!!


vacancy: (n) 空缺; 空职; 空额;  (adj) vacant = empty
ie. We have a vacancy/vacant position at work/in our company.

occupied: bei zhan ling de
ie. Lily occupied 915 before Ally could say no.
ie. My boyfriend always says that he’s occupied with work.

selfie: zi pai (n)
ie. I think it’s very immature to take a selfie.
ie. I think taking a selfie at 25 is very immature.

embrace: yong bao
ie. My mom gave me a warm embrace when I finally got home.
ie. We embraced (to welcome, to introduce) the new age of technology.

revolution: ge ming
ie. Ally thinks switching milk to oat milk is the new revolution.

flatter: (v) 奉承; 讨好, pai ma pi  (adj) flattering
ie. You flatter me.
ie. Your shirt is really flattering. (hao kan, makes you pretty)
ie. The dress is not flattering on you. (makes you look fat)
ie. Our superior always flatters the big boss.

filter: guo lv qi, lv jing
ie. Lily uses 10 filters on her pics.
ie. I bought a new water filter.

widespread: pu bian (normally before noun)
ie. To use/Using MTXX filters is a very widespread habit in China.

target: (n) mu biao (v) zhen dui
ie. I want to reach my target audience./consumer group.
ie. I need to hit the target.
ie. There is no need to target me./single(v) me out.

distinct: (adj)ming xian, obvious, easy to tell apart  (n) distinction: difference
ie. I can’t believe that Christy doesn’t remember him because he has very distinct features.
ie. The distinction between those two/them is obvious.

obvious: ming xian
ie. Obviously, he’s not “the man for the job.”

close-up: (adj) (n) da tou
ie. Are you ready for your close-up(n)?
ie. This is a very nice close-up(adj) picture of Christy.

desire(n and v): want, really want (adj) desirable
ie. He is such a desirable man. (sexy and rich)
ie. His desire for me is only temporary.
ie. I desire endless wealth.
ie. My heart’s deepest desire ….

fantasy: (n) meng xiang, huan xiang (v) fantasize
ie. Kris Wu is the guy in my fantasies.
ie. Sometimes when I’m with my boyfriend, I fantasize about Kris Wu.

relatively: xiang dui de
ie. He’s relatively intelligent, considering that he didn’t finish high school.

consider: si kao , think about  (n) consideration
ie. You should consider carefully.
ie. You should consider my suggestion/advice/idea carefully./You should put my idea under consideration.

related to: xiang guan
ie. Our new project is related to our last one; lots of topics are the same.
ie. Is Christy related to you? (relative)

phenomenon: xian xiang – neutral word (adj) phenomenal
ie. Mobile phone gaming has become a phenomenon.
ie. He has become a phenomenal (extraordinary) man.


with time phrases:
“before I came here…”
“before coming here…”

“have”- for things that have an influence NOW
“Why can you speak Japanese?” “I have studied Japanese in college” <– so NOW I know japanese
“What did you study in college?” “I studied Japanese in college.” <— just telling you, not about NOW, maybe I don’t know jap

“out of town” “in town”
ie. My boss is out of town this week.
ie. When are you going to be in town?

as – comparison
ie. She’s not as pretty as Christy.
ie. I don’t like him as much (as before) anymore.

Speaking exercise

My superior briefed our work for me.

I’m looking for an appropriate job.

The way you yelled at me is inappropriate.
Yelling at me in that way/like that is inappropriate.

I think he is a appropriate candidate (ren xuan) for this (job) opening/(job) vacancy.




brief: breef

distinct: dis-tin-ct


ci gi = s j